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Blowing steam: I want my short hair, haters

What I’m, hopefully, about to do tomorrow will be my way of saying “fuck you” to the world.  A pixie cut isn’t even that big of a deal for crying out loud; they’re relatively in vogue right now.  My mom is opposed to it, but she’s embracing it since I’ve made up my mind: “Let me cut it off tonight before you get it trimmed and styled tomorrow so I can save it!”  

Ever since…forever, long hair on a female human being has been a commodity of sorts.  It’s one of the many body parts that has been stylized and sexualized.  This is a traditional image in the historical notion of the “beautiful but innocent and helpless woman.”  Remember the pre-Raphaelite artists, the ones who painted in a way that makes you think of a Hallmark card?  The long hair, the forlorn faces, the helplessness.  See how she contemplates the rigors of life caged in her feminine cell.  A couple centuries earlier, Milton’s famous epic Paradise Lost introduces the character of Eve in Book IV as such:

Her unadorned golden tresses wore [ 305 ]
Disheveld, but in wanton ringlets wav’d
As the Vine curles her tendrils, which impli’d
Subjection, but requir’d with gentle sway,
And by her yielded, by him best receivd,
Yielded with coy submission, modest pride, [ 310 ]
And sweet reluctant amorous delay.

It both stylizes us and victimizes us.  It’s beautiful, but contains a lineage of values that represses what a woman is first and foremost, a human being.

Now, I’m not saying that long hair is a bad thing.  Girls can have long hair, that’s perfectly fine.  Just because long hair was once a thing that acted as a sexualized commodity, doesn’t mean it has to now.  Be a strong, fair, yet gentle human being no matter what the length of your hair is.  I’m merely ranting about where society gets it’s implicit opposition from.  Basically, this isn’t a well thought-out blog post; this a diary entry/blowing off steam.  This is me being one human being recognizing my own values apart from anyone else.  But in the end, this is really me just getting a haircut for the sake of getting a haircut.  

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